WordPress Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields (english Version)

Am 23. November von Arne Lorenz

This plugin is a really good chance the Custom Fields of WordPress for the end user (smart / easy) to put to use.

It can provides certain additional fields for separate add content.

The field types include all possible types of WYSIWYG field over date to color, so everything you could possibly want.

Plugin how to

You can find the page „Custom Fields“ at the main menu after installing the plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields

In the subsection „Custom Fields“ you can then start directly and create a set of fields.

A group is always displayed together at one position.

If one wants, for example, with all items nor a date and assign a color to me (for whatever reason), you just place a new group and add their fields.

They can be displayed together below the normal content of the article page.

The cool thing compared to normal Custom Fields, the special fields (especially WYSIWYG editor) to add a further, fully usable RTE box to the side.

If you added his fields, you have to do is select the desired postion.

In our case, the „product-type“ would be – „is equal to“ and „post“ (at this point you can also see what opportunities are).

Use of generated fields

There are two ways of using the created custom fields.

  1. To create areas for existing custom fields.For example, uses a plugin or theme has certain custom fields, you can simply get it „expand“ by adding them to the page or article. The important thing is to use the same name (not name).So you can enter the normal input / text fields as WYSIWYG or date field and get on the side then a RTE or a mini calendar.
  2. One carries the unused fields in its template.But you will need to definitely have some idea of templates and PHP.It is then at the point in simply use the function get_field („Field Name“, „optional ID“) to access the content.A nice document for use can be found on the plugin page.

Download the plugin

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